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IFLA LGBTQ Users Special Interest Group
Substantial discussions of issues related to library services for LGBTQ community members have not taken place at IFLA. The LGBTQ Users SIG will address this gap in professional knowledge by offering opportunities to engage in discussions about this often invisible user group. This SIG will enable libraries to consider topics including professional attitudes, outreach, privacy, programming, and effective practice in acquiring and collecting materials of importance to LGBTQ people and allies. This includes literature, academic texts, materials of importance to LGTBQ youth and families, and other works that encourage thinking critically about issues of sexuality and gender identity. Dialogue to support librarians in addressing concerns raised about LGBTQ library services will also be encouraged within the SIG.
Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives
Since 1978 the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives have been collecting and preserving Australia’s very queer history.
Fonds Suzan Daniel
Homo en Lesbisch Archief en Documentatiecentrum voor Belgie.
RoSa Documentatiecentrum en Archief
Bibliotheek, documentatiecentrum en archief voor gelijke kansen, feminisme en vrouwenstudies in Belgie
Centro de Documentação Prof. Dr. Luiz Mott (CEDOC)
O Centro de Documentação Prof. Dr. Luiz Mott (CEDOC) é um acervo de diversos materiais sobre gays, lésbicas, bissexuais, travestis e transexuais.
Archives gaies du Québec
Mémoire de la communauté gai et lesbien du Québec.
Out on the Shelves, QMUNITY Library
Specializing in LGBTQ materials spanning the entire rainbow, we seek to answer all your queer-related questions. We currently hold over 3,500 titles (and counting!), including fiction, poetry, history, theory, biographies, DVDs, and much more!
Transgender Archives, University of Victoria
The UVic Archives have been actively acquiring documents, rare publications, and memorabilia of persons and organizations associated with transgender activism since 2007. The collection began with the generous donation of the Rikki Swin Institute collection.
Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives
In 1973, a few people in Toronto started The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives -- now one of the biggest treasuries of our history anywhere in the world.
Pride Library
The UWO Research Facility for Gay and Lesbian Studies.
Information Clearinghouse for Chinese Gays and Lesbians (ICCGL)
Dedicated to providing critical and as-yet unavailable information of interest to the Chinese speaking GLBT community worldwide.
Romaner, magasiner, rejseguider, tegneserier, fotobøger, noveller, digte, biografier, faglitteratur og videnskabelige afhandlinger af og om LGBT-personer er ikke altid lige nemme at få fat i – men LGBT Danmarks bibliotek har et stort udvalg på dansk og engelsk.
Centrum Schwule Geschichte (CSG)
Centrum Schwule Geschichte, Köln Archiv - Bibliothek - Ausstellungen
Informationen rund um's lesbische Leben
Schwules Museum
Gay Museum Berlin. Ausstellungen, Archiv und Bibliothek.
Forum Homosexualität München e.V
Das forum homosexualität münchen e.v. hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die Forschung zu Alltag, Kultur, und Geschichte homosexueller Männer und Frauen zu fördern. So werden beispielsweise die Lebensgeschichten von ZeitzeugInnen aufgezeichnet und im Rahmen einer Hörbibliothek Interessierten zugänglich gemacht.
Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology
Humboldt universiteit, Berlijn. Magnus Hirschfeld Archive for Sexology.
Lesbenarchiv, Bibliothek mit Ausleihmöglichkeit und Dokumentationsstelle in Berlin.
Dachverband deutschsprachiger Frauen/ Lesbenarchive, -bibliotheken und -dokumentationsstellen.
Miss Marples Schwestern (MMS)
ein Netzwerk zur Spurensuche von Frauengeschichte vor Ort
Verein zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Homosexuellen in Niedersachsen e.V. (VEHN), Schwullesbisches Archiv Hannover (SARCH), Zentrale Erfassung Homosexuellendiskriminierung (ZEH)
LesbenArchiv Frankfurt
Pink Archives and Library in Leipzig, founded in 1986. Main theme: Gay history in the DDR/Eastern Germany 1945-1989
Académie Gay et Lesbienne
Informations et ressources sur les archives, bibliothèques et centres de documentation LGBT.
Centre de ressources sur le Genre de la Bibliothèque municipale de Lyon
Identités, sexualités, mémoire gay et lesbienne
Archives Recherches Cultures Lesbiennes (ARCL)
Créé en 1983, ce centre de documentation des cultures lesbiennes témoigne des mouvements et groupes lesbiens, féministes et homosexuels. Il s’enrichit sans cesse grâce aux abonnements et échanges, aux achats de livres, aux dons de documents anciens et récents.
Hexagone Gay
The online digital archives of the GLBTQ French collective memory
Brighton Ourstory
Brighton Ourstory was set up to collect and preserve our lesbian, gay and bisexual history.
Hall-Carpenter Archives
The Hall-Carpenter Archives (HCA) founded in 1982 are the largest source for the study of gay activism in Britain.
Lesbian Archive and Information Centre
The Lesbian Archive and Information Centre (LAIC) was set up in London in 1984 and contains the UK’s largest and most significant collection of materials about lesbian lives, activism and achievements. The Archive relocated to Glasgow Women’s Library in 1995.
Gay and lesbian history at The National Archives
The site offers an introduction to the historical and institutional contexts in which documentary evidence of gay and lesbian experiences, and official responses and attitudes to those experiences, have entered specific areas of collections at The National Archives.
Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA)
The Lesbian and Gay Newsmedia Archive (LAGNA) is based at The Bishopsgate Institute in the City of London and houses over 200,000 cuttings taken from the non-gay press on all LGBT matters since the late Nineteenth Century.
Rukus! Black LGBT Archive Project
Mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and otherwise make available to the public historical, cultural, and artistic materials related to the black lesbian, gay bisexual, Trans communities in the United Kingdom.
Háttér Archive and Library
Irish Queer Archive
The Irish Queer Archive contains the most comprehensive collection of material in Ireland relating to homosexuality and general queer studies.
Centro di Documentazione "Il Cassero"
Il Centro di Documentazione del Cassero, nato nel 1983 e cresciuto in parallelo alla crescita del circolo, è l'espressione di un intervento di ricerca, conservazione, tutela e analisi del patrimonio culturale del movimento LGBT italiano.
Centro di Documentazione Omologie, CIG Arcigay Milano
La sezione è composta da volontari, soci del Comitato Provinciale Arcigay Milano, impegnati in un progetto di attività comune con finalità di tutela, conservazione, aggiornamento, divulgazione del patrimonio del CDO.
Centro de Documentación y Archivo Histórico Lésbico de México y America Latina
Het Amsterdamse Bibliotheeknetwerk / Amsterdam Library Network
IISG - Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis
International Institute of Social History
Lesbisch Archief Nijmegen
Lesbian Archives Nijmegen
Kennisinstituut voor Emancipatie en Vrouwengeschiedenis, voorheen IIAV en Aletta. Herbergt een van de oudste historische en hedendaagse collecties over vrouwen en gender wereldwijd.
Koninklijke Bibliotheek: 100 jaar homo-emancipatie
Dossier Koninklijke Bibliotheek 100 jaar homo-emancipatie (1912-2012)
Rutgers WPF Kenniscentrum Seksualiteit
Dutch Centre of Expertice on Sexuality
New zealand
Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand
Housed in the Alexander Turnbull Library of the National Library of New Zealand.
Zentrum für schwul/lesbische Kultur und Geschichte
Stichwort sammelt jede Art von Dokumenten der Frauen- und Lesbenbewegung und macht Literatur zu allen Themenbereichen feministischer Forschung zugänglich
South africa/zuid afrika
GALA: Gay & Lesbian Archives South Africa
GALA mobilises memory by documenting and popularizing the lives and histories of LGBTI South Africans.
Schweizerisches Schwulenarchiv
American Library Association GLBT Round Table (GLBRT)
Committed to serving the information needs of the GLBT professional library community, and the GLBT information and access needs of individuals at large.
Lambda Archives of San Diego
Collecting, Preserving and Teaching Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives
Houses the world's largest research library on GLBT heritage and concerns. ONE is affiliated with but not governed by the University of Southern California.
Arizona Queer Archives
Latino GLBT History Project
Outfest Legacy Collection at UCLA
Established at the UCLA Film & Television Archive in 2005 as part of the Outfest Legacy Project for LGBT moving-image media preservation.
Bennett A. Hammer LGBT Archives
The Bennett A. Hammer LGBT Archives Project includes over 150,000 items and is an educational project devoted to preserving our LGBT collective history in New Mexico, USA
Leather Archives and Museum
Pacific Northwest Lesbian Archives
Starting PNLA is a dream come true!
Black Gay and Lesbian Archive, BGLA
Documenting black lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Same Gender Loving, queer, questioning and in the life cultures.
Lesbian and Gay Archives Roundtable (LAGAR)
Founded in 1989 by members of the Society of American Archivists who were concerned about lesbian and gay history and the role of lesbians and gays in the archival profession.
Quatrefoil Library Minneapolis
Carter/Johnson Leather Library
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Religious Archives Network (LGBTRAN)
Queer for Books
Promoting LGBT representation and outreach in libraries by providing resources for information professionals and readers
Charles Botts Library & Archives
Lesbian Herstory Archives
is home to the world's largest collection of materials by and about lesbians and their communities.
Rainbow History Project
Formed in 2000 out of frustration at trying to identify archives and sources of information on GLBT history in metropolitan Washington DC.
Gerber/Hart Library
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Information Resource and Archives in Chicago.
LGBT Center of Raleigh Library
San Francisco Public Library's James C. Hormel Gay & Lesbian Center
Collections documenting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered history and culture, with a special emphasis on the San Francisco Bay Area.
GLBT Historical Society
collects, preserves, and interprets the history of GLBT people and the communities that support them.
Mazer Lesbian Archives
Largest major archive on the West Coast dedicated to preserving and promoting lesbian and feminist history and culture.
Stonewall National Museum & Archives
Founded in 1973, Stonewall National Museum & Archives document a century of LGBT cultural and social history with an emphasis on the southeastern United States and contain more than 6,000 items including periodicals, oral history collections, business and association records, manuscripts, and relevant ephemera.
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Issues Caucus of the Special Libraries Association
Museum of Sex (New York)
Institution wholly dedicated to the exploration of the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality.
The Center
National Archives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History in New York
GLBTSSS Library Indiana University
National Transgender Library and Archives
The National Transgender Library & Archives, housed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, serves as a repository for transgender-related materials of all types.
The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History
The Pop-Up Museum of Queer History is a grassroots organization that transforms spaces into temporary installations celebrating the rich, long, and largely unknown histories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people
Gulf Coast Archive and Museum of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender History
Formed in Houston, Texas.
New York Public Libary, Gay and Lesbian Collections - AIDS/HIV Collections
The Manuscripts and Archives Division of the New York Public Library holds over 100 collections pertaining to the history and culture of gay men and lesbians, and to the history of the AIDS/HIV epidemic.
Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies, University of Minnesota
Houses over 30,000 items in a wide variety of media.
Homosexual Information Center
Presented by The Tangent Group • HIC Publications.
Northeast Indiana Diversity Library
This Library houses the oldest GLBT collection in Indiana
Twice Blessed : The Jewish GLBT Archives Online
Everything Jewish and Gay / Lesbian / Bisexual / Transgender
Human Sexuality Collection, Cornell University
The core of the Collection came in 1988 from the Mariposa Education and Research Foundation, whose members were concerned that gay history was being forgotten and erased.
Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Museum Project
Sexual minority history in the Seattle area and the Pacific Northwest.
Wikipedia Libraries and the LGBT community
Kinsey Institute Library
at Indiana University promotes interdisciplinary research and scholarship in the fields of human sexuality, gender, and reproduction.
Old Lesbians Oral Herstory Project (Facebook)
Lesbians born in the early 1900s