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T H E   C O N F E R E N C E


2 August 2012

>>   A three-day conference, held in Amsterdam on 1, 2 and 3 August. Check here the programme (PDF).

Programme changes: UPDATE DAY THREE   >>


From now on we will post on a blog several papers that have been accepted for presentation at the LGBTI ALMS 2012 Conference. We invite you to read, discuss and comment upon them. Where do you stand on some of the issues raised? What are your experiences? What can you add to the debate?

Conference overview 1-3 August 2012

An exciting part of the conference will take place in an auditorium, where presenters are given 10 minutes – or in some cases 20 – to present their story. The ‘story’ or presentation will be like the TED talks: engaging, inspiring and capturing the unique experience of the presenter. All presenters will have provided a paper beforehand, so that all participants will have had an opportunity to read the paper prior to the conference, and certainly will have the possibility of reading it after. Breakout sessions will allow participants to enter into greater detail on ways to work together, ways to share tools, and so on. There will be structured breaks where people find out more about what other participants are doing and how people can learn from each other.

Opening reception

During the first day there is an opening reception offered to participants and staff of the conference by AdamNet, libraries network.