I H L I A

IHLIA is an international gay/lesbian library, archive, information and documentation centre about homosexuality and sexual diversity. You can find us in Amsterdam.

In short, we want to collect, catalogue and supply all the GLBTQ materials from the Netherlands and the rest of the world. This material can then be used for academic research, (background) information for theses, political or personal purposes or to give information about homosexuality. Anyone can find here the information they need about gay men, lesbian women, bisexuals and transgenders, their history and culture.

MORE...    IHLIA also offers other sorts of information, such as coming-out guides for young gays and lesbians and handbooks for gay and lesbian parents. Or issues concerning same-sex marriage. But maybe you're looking for facts about rugby or ballet? Or are you going out? Coming out? We help everyone to find the information they need or places to go to.

    For more information about what we can do for you, click here.

    We also organize exhibitions on the IHLIA-square at the sixth floor of the public library in Amsterdam.

Information on the current exhibition: Rainbow Girls

  UPCOMING    Exhibition In Between | Portraits of LGBT Youth and statements about their coming out. Opening 8th May | 5:30 pm | IHLIA | 6th floor OBA.

   We also participating in several projects:

International LGBTI ALMS Conference 2012
IHLIA was the host of the fourth International Archives, Libraries, Museums and Special Collections Conference on the Future of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Histories, in Amsterdam from 1-3 August 2012. The conference was a huge success, read all about it here.

Open Up!
The Open Up! Project is an initiative of IHLIA to reveal the history of LGBT emancipation and development in primarily Central and Eastern Europe. Read all about it here.


   C O L L E C T I O N

IHLIA boasts the largest GLBTQ library collection in the Netherlands and Europe:

travel guides | posters monographs | archival records | audiotapes | flyers | literature | dissertations | videotapes | letters | works of art | bibliographies | diaries | badges | books of poetry | photographs | compact discs | jewelry | t-shirts | (auto)biographies | periodicals | medals | policy papers | condoms | games | banners | erotica | pulp fiction

RELEVANT     Relevant is a bibliographical column compiled by IHLIA. Relevant represents a selection of newly indexed titles listed in our database. The latest Relevant is published in September 2013.

  C O N T A C T

Visiting address
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6th floor
Public Library Amsterdam
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Opening hours
Monday-Thursday: 12 pm. - 5 pm.

Tel.: +31 (0) 20 523 08 37
Email: homodok@ihlia.nl


  F R I E N D S   OF  I H L I A

Support us with a 'friends gift'. Make out your donation to Vrienden van IHLIA (VvI), Amsterdam, and pay it into
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