IHLIA takes great pride in its collection of gay and lesbian periodicals from The Netherlands and from all over the world. IHLIA's gay and lesbian periodicals catalogue lists 4100 titles, ranging from The Advocate (USA) to ZiZo (Belgium), from journals dating back to the birth of the gay and lesbian movement on the eve of the twentieth century to end-of-the-millennium queerzines. They provide us with a unique record of every aspect of gay and lesbian life.

Of equally great importance is IHLIA's book catalogue, containing both indispensable reference books and research guides, academic monographs and anthologies as well as (auto)biographies, resource directories, travel guides, and - last but certainly not least - fiction (literary or otherwise) and poetry.
IHLIA also has quite a large collection of popular gay and lesbian fiction, usually regarded as 'pulp fiction', but maybe it should not be so easily dismissed as a large number of gay men and lesbians develop a sense of what is to be gay or lesbian through fictional representations of homosexuality, literary or popular.
Grey literature
Besides periodicals and books, IHLIA also collects and catalogues publications classified as 'grey literature'. Basically 'grey literature' means every kind of document (excluding periodicals) re/produced and distributed outside the commercial publishing and bookselling busines, such as: annual reports; conference papers; research reports; student papers; unpublished, lectures, theses and dissertations; policy and position papers; etc. Usually these publications do not have a wide circulation and very often difficult to acquire.
You can search the catalogue of books and grey literature on-line.
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Press cuttings and articles
Articles from the general and popular press are another major source of information. Over the years IHLIA has compiled an archive of ten of thousands of press cuttings. A separate archive of articles from academic and trade journals is also available.

Video- and DVD-tapes
IHLIA also holds a substantial collection of videotapes. For the most part this collection is made up of programs taped from television -- documentaries, soaps, talk shows and so forth -- but the collection also contains a substantial number of feature films. About a quarter of the video collection is made up of own productions shot a location at Gay and Lesbian Pride Festivals and other gay and lesbian events in the Netherlands and Belgium.
You can search the catalogue of video´s and dvd´s online.
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Since 1998 IHLIA has been working on catalogueing and indexing its collection of 4,500 posters in a special computer database. Moreover, using a digital camera, the posters have been photographed, after which the digitized images have been linked to the records in the database.
Posters are an important part of the gay and lesbian heritage. They have been and are used to advertise and promote anything, from protests rallies to parties to safer sex, providing us with a unique visual record of every aspect of gay and lesbian life.
With the publication of a representative sample of the poster collection on a CD-ROM, IHLIA wants to show how posters are used as an advertising medium and how they have developed into a popular art form.

IHLIA also serves as a repository for the records of gay and lesbian organizations and groups. It stores the records of several Dutch gay and lesbian organizations and activists' groups as well as personal archives of gay men and lesbians.
Individual lesbians and gay men are also called upon to donate their personal papers at IHLIA when closing their files or to consider making a will leaving their personal papers, books, photos and other materials to IHLIA.
And more...
Furthermore IHLIA has collected thousands of other items, including pamphlets, loose and organizational papers, flyers, photographs, badges,cups and glasses and gay bar swizzle sticks, matchboxes and lighters, pens and fans and other ephemera, like this memorial tile from café 't Mandje, the legendary Amsterdam gay bar, run by the famous butch lesbian Bet van Beeren.

All these materials are entered into a database created with the Cardbox-for-Windows computer program, using the Queer Thesaurus for indexing. The Queer Thesaurus is an especially designed, controlled vocabulary of about 3000 gay and lesbian index terms (keywords). This way the database provides easy and highly detailed access to both IHLIA's own holdings and the holdings of other institutions. It is an invaluable tool in helping users to retrieve the wealth of available resources on gay and lesbian existence.
In addition to its bibliographic database, IHLIA also created several resource files, listing the publication details of thousands of glbt-periodicals world wide, and the addresses of glbt-organizations and groups, gay and lesbian study departments and research groups, health organisations, publishers, etc.