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In 1912 Jacob Anton Schorer founded the Nederlandsch Wetenschappelijk Humanitair Komitee (NWHK = Dutch Scientific Humanitarian Committee) based on Magnus Hirschfeld's German WHK of 1898. Just like Magnus Hirschfeld in Germany, Schorer was a pioneer in the campaign for the legal and social equality for homosexual men and women. First and foremost, his campaign was an educational one. With this aim in mind he built an impressive library, collecting as many scientific works on (homo)sexuality as possible, as well as literary works dealing with homosexuality.


As soon as the Germans invaded the Netherlands in May 1940, Schorer decided to dissolve the NWHK and destroy the records and all correspondence. Shortly thereafter the Germans confiscated his library.

After the Second World War the library didn't return and until today, there has been no clue as to what happened to his library. With the help of the saved catalogue and its supplements IHLIA tries to reconstruct this unique historical library with support of the Dutch government. With help of the search form below, you can search the catalogue of this library, which contains publications until 1940.

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